What We Do

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We are experts in dealing with all types of immigration applications. We are friendly and reliable to explain the process in detail with you. We would like to clarify all your doubts in the first stage itself. When you instruct us: Then we will do as follows:

1. We will take detailed instructions from you and advice you about the relevant immigration law and procedure, which is adopted by the Home office (UKBA). Also we will explain you the current changes in the immigration Law.  
2. We will discuss about your application in detail with you and advise you about the weakness and strengths of your application. We will explain you about our professional fees and Home office Charges. If you agree, then we will ask you sign our client care letter  
3. We will advise you about the documentary evidence to be submitted in support of your application. We will identify any further documentation that you may not have considered.  
4. We will consider contents of the documentary evidence to be submitted in support of the application. If we need further evidence then, we will discuss the same with you, and ask you to produce the relevant documentations, before we send it to the immigration authorities.  
5. We will complete the relevant application form with you and discuss the same with you.  
6. We will then prepare a covering letter to introduce ourselves to the immigration authorities. Also we will prepare explanatory tables and charts to strengthen your application.  
7. Finally, we will check the completed form along with your documentary evidences that you have produced to us. We will send them all paper works with Special Recorded delivery to the immigration authorities. If you have instructed us for same day service (Home office Premium service), then we will submit your application by hand with the Home office.  
8. We will update you by telephone or in writing with progress on your matter regularly and we will always try to keep you informed.  
9. You can enquire at any time during our office hours, about a progress of your application.  
10. We are unable to give you an exact time in which your application will be concluded. The time taken varies depending upon your case and the complexity of the matter.

We are happy to offer a fixed fee plan to our clients. We give you the best and affordable quote to receive quality service from us. Contact us through email: jds.img@hotmail.co.uk or on Mob. 07877088526 to book an appointment

NOTE: Please make a note that the immigration rules are subject to change. You must meet all the requirements of the Immigration Rules at the time of application with us.