Tier 4 - General

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The Tier 4 (General) category is for adult students who want to come to or remain in the UK for their post-16 education.

whether you can apply to enter or remain in the UK as an adult student under the Tier 4 (General) category of our points-based system.

As a Tier 4 (General) student, you must have 40 points in our points assessment. You can score:

  1. 1.      Letter of acceptance from a recognised education provider 30 points
  2. 2.      Sufficient funds to cover course fees and living costs.  10 points. 

Under Tier 4 (General), you can do a work placement as part of your course of study, provided that the work placement is an assessed part of the course and the course is:

at degree level or above; or

Provided by a Highly Trusted sponsor.

If your course involves a work placement, your education provider will be responsible for you throughout the work placement.

In certain circumstances, you may be able to do a work placement as part of your course, providing it is an assessed part of your course. We will decide if you can do a work placement together with the amount of time you can spend on the work placement. This will depend on the level of your course and where you are studying.

If you are doing a course at NQF level 6 or above, with a recognised body, higher education institution or as part of a study abroad programme, any work placement you take must be no more than 50 per cent of the length of the course in the UK, unless there is a legal requirement for a longer period of work placement

You are allowed to do extra courses (such as evening courses) in addition to your main studies. The course can be on any subject, and does not have to relate to your main course of study.

You do not need to get our permission in order to do extra studies, and you do not need to tell your Tier 4 sponsor. But you must ensure that the extra course does not stop you from doing the course that you have permission to stay for.

Only a Tier 4 sponsor can assign confirmations of acceptance for studies (CASs) to international students. To score enough points to become a Tier 4 student, you will need a CAS, so you must check that the provider of your chosen course is a licensed Tier 4 sponsor. You can do this by downloading the current version of the register of sponsors from the right side of this page.

Further you must meet additional requirements as Tier 4 general students such as your edication provider, your English language skills, Confirmation of acceptance letter and your fincance to cover all your courseand to living expenses.

Can I switch into Tier 4 General Student category

Yes. You can switch into Tier 4 (General) without leaving the UK if you have, or were last given, permission to stay in one of the following categories:

 Tier 1 (Post-study work)
 Tier 2 (General)
 Tier 2 (Intra company transfer)
 Tier 2 (Minister of religion)
 Tier 4 (Child)
 prospective student
 student (under the rules in place before 31 March 2009)
 student re-sitting an examination
 student nurse
 students writing up a thesis
 student union sabbatical officer
 work permit holder
 postgraduate doctor or dentist
 Science and Engineering Graduates Scheme
 International Graduates Scheme
 Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme


NOTE: note that the immigration rules are subject to change. You must meet all the requirements of the immigration Rules at the time when you make the application 




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NOTE: Please make a note that the immigration rules are subject to change. You must meet all the requirements of the Immigration Rules at the time of application with us.