Representatives Of Overseas Businesses

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An overseas trading Business that is located outside of the UK, with no UK representative, may be able to send  an employee to the UK on sole representative Visa.

 Representative of overseas business visa was designed to assist you in in establishing your overseas company in the UK.

You are seeking entry to the UK as a Representative of overseas business, must meet the following criteria.

i) That you have been recruited and taken on as an employee outside the United Kingdom of a business which has its headquarters and principal place of business outside the United Kingdom; and

(ii) is seeking entry to the United Kingdom as a representatove of overseas business

(a) As a senior employee of an overseas business which has no branch, subsidiary or other representative in the United Kingdom with full authority to take operational decisions on behalf of the overseas business for the purpose of representing it in the United Kingdom by establishing and operating a registered branch or wholly owned subsidiary of that overseas business, the branch or subsidiary of which will be concerned with same type of business activity as the overseas business;

(b) as an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation being posted on a long-term assignment as a representative of their overseas employer.

(iii) where entry is sought under (ii)(a), the person:

(a) will be the sole representative of the employer present in the United Kingdom under the terms of this paragraph;

b) intends to be employed full time as a representative of that overseas business; and

(c) is not a majority shareholder in that overseas business.

(d) As a Representative of overseas, he cannot take a secondary job. He can only act on behalf of the parent company.  

(iv) where entry is sought under (ii)(b), the person intends to work full-time as a representative of their overseas employer.

(v) does not intend to take employment except within the terms of this paragraph; and

(vi) has competence in the English language to the required standard.

Further more he needs to meet the required criteria as a sole Representative of overseas business.

SETTLEMENT: On completion of five years in the UK on this visa, the person may be entitled toIndefnite leave to remain as settlement or permanent residency, should they wish to continue their stay in the UK.

If the person does not meet the criteria for ILR at the end of five years, they may be eligible for an extension of stay on their original visa.

After a further year of ILR, the person may be eligible for UK Naturalisation, more commonly known as Citizenship.

Spouse, Unmarried partner and children

A spouse or an unmarried partner, and children under the age of 18 may accompany the person to the UK as dependents. Dependents are allowed to stay in the UK for the same period as the principal applicant. There are usually no restrictions on dependants working in the UK.

Dependents are eligible to free health care provided by the National Health Service. Children entering the UK as dependants are entitled to a free  school education

NOTE: note that the immigration rules are subject to change. You must meet all the requirements of the immigration Rules at the time when you make the application


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NOTE: Please make a note that the immigration rules are subject to change. You must meet all the requirements of the Immigration Rules at the time of application with us.