Grounds of Appeal

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If you are refused by the Entry Clearance Officer abroad, to come to the United Kingdom or you are refused by the Home office (UKBA), in the United Kingdom, to continue to live or to work in the United Kingdom, we will be able to represent your case to the appropriate tribunal. 

By law, you have a right to challenge before the court of justice. But not all refusals carry a right of appeal. If you have a right of appeal against a refusal you will be given the appropriate form to draft grounds of appeal to be sent to the Immigration and asylum chamber, first tier tribunal.

JDS immigration services, can undertake, on your behalf, to lodge the grounds of appeal before the first tier tribunal. After wards we will transfer your appeal case to the higher level Immigration adviser or if you wish, we can engage a barrister on your behalf to represent before the tribunal.

We will review all your documents together with any relevant papers. Our experience and expertise will help us to check thoroughly. Then we will draft detailed grounds of appeal, explaining with legal reasons as why your application should not have been refused. Then we will lodge your appeal, before the First tier Tribunal.

If we may need you for any other reasons, we will contact you, to arrange a face-to-face meeting with us or to contact us over the telephone. It will help us to put all your reasons together to prepare detailed grounds of appeal. 

Appeals may either be decided on the papers or by an oral hearing. If you choose go for an oral hearing, then your representative will be able to submit legal arguments together with the witness statements and any other documents to support your case. 

We strongly recommend you to get professional advice as early as possible, to file grounds of appeal, as time scales are limited. After you have been refused either by the Entry clearance officer, abroad or by the home office (UKBA) in the UK, this is the only opportunity to explain your appeal before the Immigration Judge.

If you are late in filing an appeal, you might lose this opportunity to put your case before the Immigration Tribunal.

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