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JDS IMMIGRATION SERVICES: Combining years of experience to provide a superior service. 

We are a UK, London based law firm, with 14 years of experience in Law, providing immigration advice and successfully generating various applications to work, study or to live in the United Kingdom. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration service Commissioner (OISC). 

Our past advocacy skills and client handling experience has enabled us to handle a broad range of cases, and build a personal experience with the immigration authorities. 

The legal profession is one of the fastest growing professions all over the world, as not only is it most adventurous & exciting, it is integrated into the very fabric of our societies. Moreover, there is the belief that when all fails, there is the legal system in which to fall back upon. 

In such situations, we believe that we can interpret the law and give sound advice to our clients, enabling them to have a clearer idea and make an informed decision. 

Additionally, our ability to communicate in several languages including, Tamil, Hindi, English allows us to explain and advice the client in a more effective manner, enabling them to feel comfortable through the whole process; illustrating one of the many unique features that differentiate us from neighbouring law firms. 


As a law firm who takes great care in the welfare of its clients, it is our upmost responsibility to keep the applicants affairs confidential, and preventing it from being exposed to any third party. 

Having years of experience and an in-depth knowledge in this branch of law, we at JDS firmly consent with the view that the quality of the initial application adjudicates its success or failure. In addition, our high success rate enables us to demonstrate our reliability and expertise in the field of law. 

We offer three different kinds of services, enabling you to choose the service that suites you and your circumstance. 

 One to One Consultation / Advice over the Telephone:-    

In order to maximize the probability of success, we offer an initial assessment, which allows us to check the eligibility of your application based on the information provided to us. We will discuss about your application, with you and advise you about the weakness and strengths of your application. 

To carry out an initial consultation, an appointment would have to be made. We charge a consultation fee £75.00 (one - off session). If you decide to engage our services for   your application, consultation charges will be deducted from the fee, that we will charge for your application.. 

You can book  an appointment for one to one consultation session  or consultation over the telephone by filling up  our online appointment request form or call us on 0207 998 3160 or e-mail to us jds.img@hotmail.co.uk. You can pay for the Consultation fee through your debit card/credit card over the phone or by using our online payment method. 



Documents checking service/Assessment of document service:-   

To find out the chances of success or failure with your application, we offer document checking service for all entry clearance applications, extension applications, British nationality applications, settlement applications and all other documents as well.  

Through our experience, and extensive understanding in the subject of immigration, we are able to provide you both documents checking service  and assessment of all your final documents, with professional advice, by being friendly and guiding you through all the stages of your documents. 

We will explain to you the areas of your case that are weak and the areas that require attention. Next we will identify any further documentation that you may not have considered, that the immigration authorities will expect before approving your case, and we will give you a detailed report based on your application. 

We charge £250 (One off document assessment) service. Book an appointment by completing our Document checking service form or by calling us on 0207 998 3160 or by e-mailing to us at jds.img@hotmail.co.uk.You can make a payment via your debit card/credit card over the telephone or by using our online payment method. 

Enquiry & Follow up service: We offer enquiry and follow up services to trace out your applications which has been made by you for more than 6 months, before  the entry clearance (out of country application) or leave to remain in the UK (in-country applications) such as extension, settlement, switching. 

As immigration experts, it's possible to make representations for your pending applications, before the Immigration authorities in the UK, and authorities such as (Entry clearance officer) Embassy offices outside the UK. 

We charge £400 to make representations, following up your application and to trace out your outstanding application.  We believe you would appreciate our service by engaging us. JDS TEAM. 

Book an appointment to arrange this service by filling up follow up service form, or call us on 0207 998 3160 or e-mail to us at jds.img@hotmail.co.uk. 

You can make a payment by your debit card / credit card over the telephone or by using our online payment method.